STR8Hell - Martin Pesek - HOT ASS

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Description: Handsome and fit str8 guy Martin Pesek is shackled and gagged ad he lays on the sofa struggling to free himself. His tormentor straddles him and starts to squeeze the naked butt cheeks, as Martin wears only a jockstrap. The heavy hands turn from squeezing to spanking on that ass as Martin moans and writes. handprints can be seen on that hot ass as it is spanked. The jokstrap is tweaked against the ass too as the spanking continiues. All the while Martin with struggling to see if he can free his arms. His sexy ass feels the hands landing repeatedly. Then he is pulled onto his knees and turned so that the sexy ass is showing it's tight hole which is lined by fine hairs. The ass cheeks are spread to show the hole better and then the cheeks are spanked some more. A crop is then used to hit on the ass, with Martin moaning as it lands. When the cheeks are sprad the hole almost wants to open up. The straps of he jockstrap are pulled into the ass crack and then, as his stiff cock is exposed the are wrapped around to hold it in place. Oil is dripped on the big cock head and rubbed all over. More oil is then dripped, onto that tight hole, before the spanking resumes. A finger rubs over Martins tight hole and then pushes inside. He moans as the finger starts to fuck his hot hole. The bulbous cock head glistens with oil as it is trapped back between his legs. That cock is wanked as a finger fucks his hole some more. Then the ass gets more heavy handed spanking. The cock is released as the jockstrap is pulled down and the hands reach through his legs to pull it back. OIly hands wank the big, hard, cock and rub the balls and then more oil is applied to the tight hole. A finger goes back into the hole to fuck it deep and hard as the cock is wanked. Then both stop and the ass is spanked again. The tight hole is stretched wider as two fingers push inside and start to fuck while the cock is wanked again. Martin moans as he feels his ass being fingered deeply. Then his cock is spanked too, as it is pulled back between his thighs. The wanking gets faster as two fingers go back into the ass to fuck it some more. Those fingers slide all the way into the hole and then the hole is opened wider as a third finger joins them. The fingers are withdrawn and that hot ass gets spanked again. The cheeks are rosy read as both are spanked at the same time. The hands work down the thighs, spanking them too. Martin's shackles are removed and he is turned over. His gag is removed too and he lays back on the sofa as oil is applied to his cock and balls. He relaxes as he enjoys his cock being wanked hard until the hot cum shoots onto his belly. The cock is milked dry and then rubbed through the cum which coats his belly.
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